Polyester/Nylon covered with thermoplastic polyurethanes

1. TPU coated yarn can be woven alone or mixed with other material such as nylon or polyester. TPU coated yarn      is different from other embroidery threads, for no base fabric is needed in regardless of TPU’s thickness when        machine operating. TPU coated yarn can be used in flat knitting machine, circle knitting machine and warp            knitting machine. 

2. Different proportional TPU coated yarn can made to cater to different requirements. Labor saving and be          automation by using existing facilities factory have ( Time ,Labor , Process  simplification ) compared with No-sew & PU cast .

3. It has characteristics of high abrasion resistance, great color fastness, excellent water repellency, excellent           bonding, molding great impact resistance, excellent scratch resistance 2D/3D effect. 

4. The heat-pressed abrasion resistance of TPU coated yarn can be  10 times as strong as the original one.

5. Woven fabric has been used in sports, outdoor goods, bags and suitcase, and electronics. 

6. TPU coated yarn is 100% recycled and environmentally-friendly.


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